About Us

Mission Statement

Alentado Training Consultants is committed to providing the highest quality training to public safety and public service agencies who interact with Spanish-speakers in a professional setting. ATC courses and training methodologies have evolved for more than 20 years. ATC aims to bring the most powerful, efficient, adult learning experiences to law enforcement, corrections, emergency services, support personnel and business professionals. Our mission is to impart effective linguistic skill sets and useful cultural competencies to our clients. We aim to provide our clients with the skills and knowledge to improve officer and public safety, better achieve operational objectives and improve community relations when dealing with Spanish speakers.

Our Training Philosophy

Education expands our base of knowledge, but it must be coupled with training to focus it into a useable skill set. Legally, the Supreme Court has reinforced this with two landmark cases.

Canton vs. Harris tells us that if the police training is inadequate, 1983 liability can attach where “failure to train” in a relative manner amounts to deliberate indifference, and Powpow vs. Margate instructs us that training must be realistic and cover topics or situations that officers are reasonably expected to encounter.

Is it likely that your officers will encounter Spanish-only speakers during their shift, in which they will need to interact with them to provide government services? Or, in a worst case, will they need to conduct a felony arrest in Spanish?

Our mission at Alentado Training Consultants is to provide training that improves performance and making situations less difficult. Our courses are designed not only to educate, but also to include relevant scenario based training that smoothly combines the officer’s tactics with the target language.

How do we accomplish this? First, our instructors are all current or former law enforcement officers that have experienced a wide range of encounters with Spanish speakers. Second, as law enforcement officers, they know the stressors that are part of these interactions and how stress can affect performance. Third, as experienced instructors, they know the importance of realistic training and how imperative it is to induce stressors during training to mimic real world encounters. Finally, our unique in-class methodology incorporates stressors during the educational part of the training, which are then continually increased, culminating in multiple, instructor-controlled scenarios that demonstrate how the new skill set is seamlessly over-laid on existing tactical skill sets.

Our History

José Alentado was a twelve year veteran of the Tampa and Gainesville, Florida Police Departments. He served in the SWAT, Patrol, VICE, Narcotics, Tactical Operations and Training divisions. After concluding his law enforcement career, he joined the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) where he was an instructor in both the Physical Techniques and Enforcement Techniques Divisions. He then designed, developed, and directed the Law Enforcement Spanish Training Program at FLETC. He received nine awards from FLETC for course development and deliveries during his tenure from 1986-1995. He is recognized nationally as one of the leading experts on technical Spanish programs.

The experience he gained at FLETC gave him the foundation to start his own company in 1995, Partners in Training Consultants. Partners in Training Consultants has been the most sought after Spanish Language Training Program in the United States for Law Enforcement and other Public Service Agencies. His methodologies and materials enabled his students to quickly learn and retain Spanish necessary to carry out their day to day responsibilities in their professions.